Along with creating labels for the craft beer industry, Illustrator Dean McKeever also created two murals on the walls of the Vanished Valley Brewery in Ludlow.

The murals pay homage to the 4 towns that were disincorporated to make way for the Quabbin Reservoir.

Learn more about Dean McKeever and his beer can illustrations in our full profile of the artist.  

Read the Full Transcript:

Dean McKeever, Illustrator: Vanished Valley there in Ludlow, Mass, you know, their name is derived from the flooding of the valley that ultimately turned into Quabbin Reservoir.

So, the mural I did there, they have two levels — so, upstairs is the main tap room. So, we wanted to do a rendition of my Pomona label for them, which is like their flagship IPA. Shows like The view of Quabbin Reservoir.

And then when you go downstairs, it’s a rendition of my Watershed label for them, which is another one of their pale ales, and it has sort of an underwater scene with like sunken cabins and fish and stuff.

So, it’s like the two surfaces, like when you’re upstairs, you’re above the surface. When you go downstairs to their lower tap room, you’re below the surface of the Quabbin.

So, it’s kind of a fun way to work the labels into the murals and the whole vibe of the Quabbin Reservoir, you know, that’s kind of what they’re going for with the name of their brewery.