Jiminy Peak’s Mountain Services Director Jason Griffin discusses the history behind the mountain resort’s “13 Nights at Jiminy” Halloween attraction. 

Give yourself a fright with our full story on the 13 Nights at Jiminy haunted mountain experience.  

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Jason Griffin, Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort: There was some really crazy stuff that happened here back in the 1600s-1700s.

Most of the historical stuff I found was in the late 1700s when this valley settled and the story kind of started with the sheep — there was a lot of sheep on the farms here. And the story kind of blends in to on 13 special nights each October, the sheep used to disappear into the mountains and the farmers didn’t know if the sheep were running away from them or running towards something. So, kind of leaves us wide open ended to do whatever we want.

But we do change the theme every year, we take pride in that so that we’re not doing the same thing every year. We will use some of the same props, but different theme every year, and our layout is completely different every year.