Sarah Welch is the Community Engagement Coordinator for the Hilltown Land Trust.  

In this week’s digital exclusive, Welch talks about the calming effect that being in nature can have on both adults and children – particularly those with ADHD.   

Explore the Conwell property, a South Worthington, MA trail maintained by Hilltown Land Trust, this full feature on the nature area. 

Read the full transcript:

Sarah Welch, Hilltown Land Trust & Terra Corps: These woods…it’s like our whole personalities change as we walk in.

I work with kids and adults both, and research shows that being in the forest has an incredible impact on things like ADHD and our ability to focus. Bringing kids out into the woods, I personally notice that the behavior of kids is a lot easier to manage. I think we’re kinder to each other out here.

I feel a connection to this place, to this pond, to the animals and the fungi that are here. And that’s — that — I don’t think that has a small effect on…who we are.

I think we leave the woods a different person.