Travel through Litchfield County, CT a picturesque corner of Northwestern Connecticut made up of affluent communities and struggling former mill towns.

On The Road
One of the things I have discovered in my 20 + years at WGBY is that, we here in western new England, love to talk about the places we call home. We like to be tour guides to those who aren’t familiar with this region. We know where to go for a good cup of coffee or who makes the best hamburger. We know how to get from here to there, its part of our New England persona; sharing our local knowledge.
This is one of the reasons we started our On The Road Series, to explore the back roads and by-ways of Western New England and to meet with people and learn why they love where they live. This month, Connecting Point goes “On the Road” to Litchfield County, Connecticut. We set up our lights and cameras at Sunset Meadow Vineyards in Goshen, CT and talked with several people from that part of the nutmeg state. If you watch this series, I think what you’ll discover is that although Litchfield County may be thought of as an affluent region of the state, it also has its challenges with jobs, education, and urban revitalization.
We’ll introduce you to people like Jo Ann Ryan the President and CEO of the Northwest Chamber of Commerce. She loves Torrington and has called it home for most of her adult life.
Jim O’Leary the former First Selectman of Goshen CT, who raised his family and participated in local government and was a volunteer firefighter in town.
We will take a trip top Five Points Gallery in Torrington to see how Judith McElhone helped transformed an abandoned store front into a New York style art gallery that is helping to bring an aging mill town back to life.
We also squeeze in a tour of a local winery and tell you how you can visit it and taste the fruits of their labor.
Join us as we hit the road to find out what life is like in this picturesque northwestern corner of “the Constitution State.” All this month on Connecting Point.