Chief artist John Simpson discusses his approach to restoring the fading advertisements on the old Bloom’s Camera Center building on Worthington Street in Springfield. Learn about the thought process behind reviving the “ghost images” that once lived on the building’s wall in this digital extra.

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John Simpson, Chief Artist: I kind of thought it was kind of dangerous. A lot of different opinions about what one should do on something like this. And I wasn’t sure if I wanted to just do a restoration project, so they had to come up with a bunch of designs, which I was super creative all -over the place, changed it a bunch of times, but I knew that what was really going to dictate what this would be would be the wall itself. So as soon as I actually got on the wall, I’d see what was there, what we could save. And initially we were going to put historical figures in all the areas where everything was missing. But the more I looked, the more it seems like we can find what’s there. So we really want to make as full of a conservation project on the top and a creative piece on the bottom.