In this week’s digital exclusive, Comfort Bagel owner Janet Blake talks about an image that hangs on the wall inside the shop at Open Square in Holyoke. It pays homage to the many workers that once filled the old mill buildings in the Paper City.

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Janet Blake, Comfort Bagel: When we first came into the mills, we were interested about the history, and my husband started doing some research, and he came across this image of some mill workers.

And we were hoping that it was taken at this mill, which was a paper mill.

So, we purchased a small image of it, and reproduced it, and had it printed for the owner, John, but the really cool part about it is one of our customers came in one weekend and realized that her grandmother was in — in this photo. So, not too long after my husband took the original and gifted it to her.

So, I thought that was pretty meaningful.