Peter Blanchette is known around the world as the inventor of the 11-string archguitar. Blanchette performed recently at Gateway City Arts and is featured in this week’s digital extra.

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♫ (instrumental guitar music) ♫

Peter Blanchette, Archguitarist: This guitar is called an archguitar, and it’s an instrument that a long time ago in 19… about ’79,’80, I designed and had built for me by a great instrument maker in Boston named Walter Stanul.

♫ (instrumental guitar music) ♫

When he built this for me, I was a student at Boston Conservatory of Music and I played in the subway to make a living and pay for my school. So, I told him, “I want you to build this thing really tough, really strong.”

And back then, there was no internet, right? 1979, 70 — 1980. So, but there were libraries back then, got a lot of books about instruments and looked at a lot of pictures, a lot of photocopying, and found this beautiful body of an instrument called a vihuela — vihuela de mano — Renaissance lute-like instrument in Spain and Portugal.

♫ (instrumental guitar music) ♫

It has 11 strings because when I designed the instrument and had it built, Walter asked me, “Okay, you want more strings on the guitar? How many, kid?”

And being 19-years-old, you know, and kind of having a little bit of attitude, I guess, I said, “We’ll make it 11.”

I thought it would just be a sort of prototype, and once we knew if it worked or not, we’d – we’d make me a really pretty one.

♫ (instrumental guitar music) ♫

It’s been through all kinds of transformations and it’s been stepped on, and had the face broken in and repaired, and it just sounds and feels so good.