Originally more well known for her iconic red hat, Sarah Michel is now known as Sarah the Fiddler. Meet Sarah and hear how she blends elements of classical, bluegrass, and Celtic music to create a unique sound.

Then, after more than three decades of coordinating the Magic Triangle Jazz series at the UMass Amherst Fine Arts Center, Glenn Siegel is retiring. Siegel joins us to reflect on the series, which has included some of history’s most celebrated jazz musicians.

And, nestled in downtown Westfield, you’ll find a diner with the pizzazz of an old school ice cream shoppe. Join Brian Sullivan for a taste of a breakfast that can also be dessert at Pancake Sundaes.

Finally, children’s author and poet Leslie Bulion talks about her newest book Serengeti Plains of Grass. The book is a lyrical salute to the African natural wonder and its famous land-animal migrations.