Election Commissioner Gladys Oyola on Voter Fraud

Springfield Election Commissioner Gladys Oyola discusses the current calls for national investigation of massive voter fraud.

Ice Harvesting

Today, the word “harvest” is most often associated with summer and early fall, but 100 hundred years before electricity, the same stuff that now comes out of the freezer at the touch of a button was commercially “harvested” directly from freshwater ponds. That’s right, we’re talking about ice and ice harvesting.

Fisher Hospice House

Hospice of the Fisher home has been providing end of life care for patients and their families in Amherst for a decade. They offer in-home services, but they also have a residence for patients. Last summer, a fire ripped through the home, forcing them to shut down for several months. This winter, with the help of many volunteers and donors, the non-profit re-opened. Carolee McGrath sat down with executive director Elisabeth Weisbach and Norma Palazzo, the spiritual counselor, to learn more.

Holyoke St. Patrick’s Parade Preview

Holyoke St. Patrick’s Parade President Mike Moriarty, Grand Marshal Sister Jane Morrissey, and Grand Colleen Maggie Walsh preview the 2017 parade taking place Sunday, March 19, 2017.