Unique Museums: Crane Museum of Papermaking

Dalton, MA’s Crane & Co. is known far and wide as the provider of the paper on which American currency is printed. With origins dating back to the American Revolution – they have a ledger with an order from Paul Revere – Crane has been at the forefront of paper production in the United States from the very beginning. Peter Hopkins, the director of the Crane Museum of Papermaking, shares the company’s extraordinary history, and provides producer Tony Dunne and Videographer Mark Langevin with a hands-on lesson in the art and craft of making paper – a process which has changed very little over the past 200 years.

Vincent Ferraro: The Trump Administration & International Affairs

Vincent Ferraro, Professor Emeritus of International Politics at Mount Holyoke College, discusses U.S. international affairs as they will be impacted by the incoming Trump administration.

Holyoke High School Basketball Player Callie Cavanaugh

Callie Cavanaugh, a high school senior at Holyoke High, is attending Florida International University next fall, where she will play in Division 1 of the NCAA. As Carolee McGrath reports, Callie is a stand-out on and off the court.

MGM: Diversity in Hiring

With MGM opening the casino in Springfield in September of 2018, there has been much talk of the jobs that it will bring to the area. Many of those jobs involve construction but there is a whole community network, working to connect minorities, veterans, and women available jobs.

Carolee McGrath sits down with Chelan Brown, the MGM construction diversity manager, and Jynai McDonald, the Western Mass Regional Manager of Training Resources of America, to learn more about the opportunities and how people can find them.